domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008

Exploring Mythology

With an emphasis on greek mythology
Here is a collection of a number of sites:

My favorites include:

Mythology in the modern world 

I like the family tree and art gallery that can be found here:

or a webquest here:

Publishing Poetry

Here's a question to ponder:   Creative ideas to publish poetry, or websites to help students to write poetry?

Exploring Poetry
especially check out the resources page!

Publishing online
The Student Publishing Program

EPIC:  Electronically Published Internet Connection

Questions across time and space

Where do all those email questions go?  Those fast notes dashed off between colleagues and friends about resources, ideas and wonderings?  I have a couple of friends who have forged real partnerships that don't require daily chat over coffee in the teacher's lounge.  How does it work and how can I be a part of that type of conversation?