lunes, 25 de agosto de 2008

Creativity of Limitations

I am inspired by the work Darren Kurapatwa shared at the Building Learning Communities Conference this summer, and then I checked out Lucy Gray's list of twitter suggestions. Both mobile phone and twitter formats constrain communication/ideas to a limited number of words/characters. How can this limitation free educators/learners? I am thinking about all the talk of short cycle assessments and checking student progress. Is it possible to use bits to generate authentic questions and learning?

My experience with John Davitt, again at BLC, suggests it might. My group was tasked with creating a 30 second audio clip sharing everything we knew about the brain in 15 minutes. This assignment came from his learning event generator (see image).

I can share that everyone in our group of 6 learned something new about the brain, generated questions about the brain and sparked folks to share books and other resources.

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