lunes, 25 de agosto de 2008

Women and blogging

A few years ago I sat among a very large audience at NECC (National Educational Computing Conference), listening to a panel of bloggers. The question was raised, "Why don't more women blog?" An interesting question, both in terms of educational technology bloggers and bloggers in general. I am one of those who has watched, read, occasionally commented but been very slow to jump into the fray. One of my favorite blogs to read and ponder is A Reading Year. I love to share this blog because it has a very conversational tone. It reflects the author's genuine passion for books, reading, words and the world of literacy. I appreciate the collaborative nature of the two authors. For me it illustrates the power of technology to enable teachers/learners to connect and engage in meaningful work that would be more difficult and more hidden from view without the technology.

There are other groups of writers/bloggers who share regular conversations and other blogs, such as Infinite Thinking Machine that feature multiple authors.

My struggle will be to find my place in the blogosphere. I like Will Richardson's take that he is a learner in chief.

I thank everyone who jumped on board ahead of me and all my friends who will be patient with me as I make my way.

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